Poppy Lissiman

The support in the next room

The Partnership Poppy Lissiman Has Come To Rely On

Poppy Lissiman — founder of namesake accessories brand — was coincidentally led to Elephant Room via a remarketing ad.

“I was asked to do a photoshoot for Bed Threads. Before the shoot, I Googled them to familiarise myself with the brand. I had never seen so many personalised and relevant ads retargeting me via YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. Every platform, Bed Threads was there. I had to know who was behind this digital marketing magic,” Poppy explained.

Running a tight ship between Poppy, her parents (Skip and Susie), and Chantelle an in-house digital marketing specialist — this combination of skills and start-up mentality grew the brand on average 220% year on year. While no small feat, it was inevitably getting harder to sustain this growth without more hands on deck.

That’s where Elephant Room stepped in.

  • Design & UX
  • Development
  • Redesign & rebuild
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Performance enhancement
  • Animation
  • Compliance
  • Ongoing Success

Rebuilding the website

When Poppy approached Elephant Room, they were originally seeking marketing help. This soon evolved into helping them move away from their rigid headless implementation which was making it difficult for them to manage and run their store. 

Elephant Room did the reverse of what many brands are trying to do now; moving away from headless and back to grassroots on the Shopify Plus platform.

Poppy Lissiman had a good operation happening in the US, particularly in eyewear. But when Apple’s IOS 14 update rolled out, it changed the privacy requirements and how their ads and pixel tracking worked — they felt lost.

“So we're looking at the jumbled jigsaw puzzle on the table going, ‘where do we start to sort this mess out?’ That’s where the team at Elephant Room stepped up for us. They basically rebuilt our website so that it was compliant and did all the optimisations we needed to get back into international marketing,” Skip Lissiman said.

Managing their International Expansion Strategy

One of the earliest initiatives Elephant Room carried out for Poppy Lissiman was setting up an additional expansion store to service the US, EU and the rest of the world.

While not a straightforward exercise, Elephant Room helped Poppy Lissiman set up proper data feeds, tagging, and pixel tracking across multiple websites. 

This enabled Poppy Lissiman to double down on its emerging growth in the US and the rest of the world while continuing to dominate its home turf in Australia.

Another challenge Poppy Lissiman faced expanding internationally was dealing with different borders and government regulations. Elephant Room recommended they onboard Airwallex to simplify cross-border financial transactions and reduce their bank fees. They use Airwallex cards to pay their SaaS expenses and save just over $1000 per month in banking fees.

Becoming an extension of their team

Although the Poppy Lissiman team managed to run with a lean team for many years, they felt a sense of relief when they partnered with Elephant Room. Being a Shopify exclusive agency for development and marketing, this perfectly complemented Poppy Lissiman’s primary operating cylinders of technology, creativity, and marketing.

“Elephant Room is the tune-up specialist for digital marketing and online advertising. So if you want to get the best out of your brand, product, digital experience — they are the guys you go to to get everything tuned up and working 100%,” Skip said.

This meant Poppy Lissiman had the support of a broader service team, especially in a sale or surge period. This support and strategic advice is something the Poppy Lissiman team have come to rely on.

“They are always on the front foot with any changes and making sure our website and ads are firing on all cylinders. That's not something we think about daily, but know we need to keep on top of,” Poppy said.

Exploring Archive Stores

When it comes to sales, many brands don’t want to have their clearance customers, or clearance revenue in the same bundle store. They want to merchandise it in their own archive edit. This protects the brand identity and is a really good use of recycling existing tech without having a huge overhead.

Elephant Room leveraged the Shopify Plus expansion licence to build an entirely separate store for clearance or sale stock. This allows the Poppy Lissiman team to do more ‘savage’ marketing that wouldn’t be typically aligned with their primary marketing creative and messaging. 

Creative split testing 

Elephant Room has helped Poppy Lissiman in understanding how split testing works, how the learning is used to form definitive winners, and how that acts as a creative or campaign boilerplate. These can be used to brief future asset creation or refer back to a historic roadmap of insights and learnings they can tap into.

Last year, Poppy Lissiman released their first products within the homewares category which is an area they are expanding into. Elephant Room helped Poppy Lissiman allocate a budget to get the best return on specific items — the sort of insight they don’t possess in-house.

However, this is not a closed-door approach; as they continue to work together to find new ways of doing things differently. By leveraging new ad products with some of Elephant Room’s ad partners, Google and Meta, to test how Poppy Lissiman can squeeze more value out of their advertising spend with cheaper clicks, more efficient ad impressions, and higher click through rates. 

"Elephant Room is a great support network. They’ve been so generous with their time with our internal marketing hire and for little things we need to action as fast as possible.” — Poppy Lissiman