Sustainable Global Growth

How Elephant room has helped Boody expand their global digital footprint

When Boody’s Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager Lucy Applegarth enters the room of leadership or stakeholder meetings, there is an air of confidence. Priorities are clear, projects are justified, and the green light is given.

What’s Lucy’s secret weapon? It’s having an agency partner who can meticulously research, communicate, and implement the technical innovation that often never gets further than being an ‘idea’ in the boardroom.

“We feel empowered to make decisions based on the hard work that Elephant Room has done in researching. They understand what’s going to be the best option for us,” Lucy said.

Since partnering with Elephant Room, Boody’s strategy has continued to be global expansion. Having already established themselves in 16 countries worldwide, it was important to have a partner that allows them to identify new technologies, easy ways to create efficiencies, and innovation to keep them moving forward.

Together, they’ve achieved several technical implementation wins that go hand in hand with helping Boody grow and create stunning customer experiences.

  • Website Development
  • International Expansion
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Paid Media Management
  • Technical Onsite SEO
  • CRM/Klaviyo Management
  • Custom Middleware
  • Gorgias Helpdesk Implementation

Moving to Headless

Elephant Room supported Boody’s move to headless commerce on the Shopify Plus platform, but not without a well documented decision-making process. Closely working with the team at Elephant Room, Boody knew what their options were, the pros and cons of each, and the support backing needed to jump on calls with Shopify folk and various stakeholders throughout the process.

Implementation of SearchSpring search and filter

With a large number of products in a variety of styles and colours, Elephant Room recommended SearchSpring to make it easier for Boody’s customers to navigate search and collection pages to find their ideal product. Revenue from search has increased by 3.2x and users are given a much more intuitive and streamlined shopping experience – ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Split testing

To support Boody’s growth, Elephant Room runs consistent split testing on the homepage, collection, and product pages. They build the test, create a hypothesis, and execute — later analysing the results as a simple success or fail.

The split tests range from basic navigational changes, to cart changes, and checkout changes. The elements that are going to drive and give CVR lift.

The Sale vs Last Chance Split Test

For many retail brands, there are components of products you want to move quicker. Elephant Room did a Sale Vs Last Chance split test where they changed the language in the navigation to see what gets better click through rates, add to carts, and more conversions. While this test was something fairly innocuous, it does have a compounding effect. The winner: Last Chance which goes into creative, paid media channels, and ad copy. 

Bringing UX visions to life

Continually improving the customer experience is important to Boody, and they often have new concepts or ideas they want to see brought to life. 

“I’ll see something I like on another website, take a screenshot, and send it to the team at Elephant Room asking ‘how do we do this?’ — which is often met with a reply of ‘leave it with us, we’ll scope it out,’” Lucy said.

“Elephant room will typically have three solutions: it can be done with this specific app, it can be done with this existing functionality on Boody’s site, or it’s something we need to build out as a separate entity. And they’ll put their own recommendation alongside that.” 

Without this support, Lucy admits she would be aimlessly Googling to figure out how websites are building these different functionalities. Instead, all she needs to do is send a screenshot to Elephant Room to get the ball rolling.

Repeatable and efficient without being cookie cutter 

Elephant Room wanted to give Boody the ability to craft pages on the fly without significant development overhead. A template was created for their Lyolyte Campaign and later repurposed for their Jane Goodall Campaign.

“David created a recording to explain how the graphic design team can manipulate this template to use it repeatedly. This is good for not only empowering me but the wider team to bring things to life on our stores without having to pull our dev team away from more time-consuming projects in the pipeline,” Lucy said.

Strategy and innovation 

Although they have distributors all over the world, Boody’s digital roadmap runs hot out of their Sydney HQ, leading the charge for their international stores.

“We present our digital roadmap and strategy to all of our international partners. They’re not forced to get on board, but they more often follow suit because they don’t have a development partner who’s entwined in the business as Elephant Room is with ours,” Lucy said.

“As a marketer, I love to be innovative and I always want to know what the best possible solution is. Not only that, I want to know the most recent, up-to-date, and coolest one! That is why I love having Elephant Room along on this journey.” — Lucy Applegarth